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Brad Spears, President

Avid trail user in this area whether it be on two wheels or two feet.  Serving as President, it's Brad's goal to help shape and brand the City of Oak Ridge, Roane and Anderson County regions as outdoor destinations. In his spare time, he's training for the hardest mountain bike race in North America, the Leadville MTB 100.

Jeff Bale, Vice President & Treasurer

An avid cyclist, who has lived and worked in this area for over 20 years,  Jeff is a valuable resource to the CVTA for his leadership and experience. His dual role of Vice President and Treasurer is an example of his willingness to always step up and support.

Lisa Mueller, Secretary

Lisa brings her enthusiasm and love of all things bikes (and trails) to the CVTA Board.  She currently works as a manager at Cedar Bluff Cycles in Knoxville and has been a Trek Advocate for over 3 years.  As a Trek Advocate and level 1 PMBIA instructor, Lisa stays busy leading rides, holding clinics and bike related events throughout the year.  Lisa is a valuable resource to the CVTA team!

Mackenzie Wilder, Events, Grants & Media

We struggled giving Mackenzie a title or single area of responsibility, because she basically just steps up and delivers where ever she needs to.  She keeps us on our toes and is a huge asset to this organization. Her creativity and previous experience leading non-profits make her critical to our growth and development and by the way...she also happens to be a pretty legit rock climber!

Larry Creech, Trails Director

A local legend when it comes to low impact trail design and development.  Larry has poured more sweat into our local trails than just about anyone.  If you've hiked or biked in Oak Ridge, TN then there is a good chance you were on one of Larry's trails.  

Steve Barber, Board Member

Arguably, the most talented endurance trail runner in the region, the CVTA is happy to have Steve's experience and trail running perspective as part of this board. Steve is leader within the trail running community and brings this leadership to the CVTA.

Ken Rueter, Board Member

It's hard to label Ken to a single outdoor activity as he simply does it all.  Despite being an avid cyclist, trail runner and mountain climber, Ken brings senior leadership, passion and vision to this board as an advocate for land preservation and environmental stewardship.

Mathew Stanke, Board Member

The swiss army knife of this board, Mat brings to the board, whatever the board needs him to bring.  He's a valuable asset in any capacity. However, his true talent shines when there's digging, cutting or maintaining a trail involved.

Steve Meitner, Board Member

Though he probably prefers to "shred'em", Steve is always willing to get his hands dirty and is no stranger to building a berm or benching a trail. His dedication to the trails in this area goes without saying and the CVTA is glad to have his talent and creative mind as part of the team.

Sean Leader, Board Advisor

The CVTA is proud to have Sean Leader's experience as a successful mountain biker, business owner, trail builder and creative artist as a resource to this board and to the direction of the CVTA.  As co-owner of the Windrock Mountain Bike Park, Sean and the CVTA have a shared interest in helping grow the sport of mountain biking and multi-use trail development in the area.

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