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Hawduro 2024 was wet and wild! Rain blew in over the 48 hours preceding the race on Sunday, May 5th and racers were sure to experience the course in different conditions than any pre-riding done over the past weeks. There was no shortage of slippery roots and rocks as racers navigated the fastest and steepest trails at Haw Ridge Park. Sunday, May 5th began early at the Clinch Valley Trail Alliance HQ located on Old Edgemoor Road with volunteers arriving before 7 AM to get ready for racer check-in, get the timing equipment turned and make sure the course was clear and ready to go, or head out to their course marshal stations. Racer check-in opened up at 8 AM and riders picked up their swag bags filled with a custom designed t-shirt featuring the Hawduro chainsaw logo on the back, logo stickers and a koozie along with their ankle band for timing. Following a rider meeting with Lisa Mueller, Hawduro Race Director and CVTA President, the Enduro-licious racers headed out at about 9 AM to begin their trek around all six stages of the course. The Enduo-curious racers assembled at about 11 AM for their rider meeting and then took off to complete the first three stages before the cut-off time of 1:30 PM.


Many racers returned to CVTA HQ well before the 1:30 PM cut-off covered head to toe in mud and, once they cleaned up a bit, they hung out, some enjoying the margaritas-for-donation and others just kicking back with their friends relaxing and enjoying the welcome sun and warmth. When all the riders returned it was time for the awards, however, a small glitch in the timing system had several riders without finish times for their final stage. Working with our Zone4 remote timing assistant, we were able to recover many of the missing times, but had to guesstimate on a few which took longer than expected. No need for anyone to get frazzled about the delay though because all of the racers were super chill about the wait and their patience was greatly appreciated. It could have been those margaritas-for-donation…


Once the awards were announced and racers had hopped up on our rad custom created podiums and had their photos taken it was time to wrap things up. Volunteers headed out to pick up course tape and signage and CVTA HQ was returned to its usual state of mild disarray. CVTA couldn’t put on events without the help of our volunteers and the amazing spirit of the mountain biking and outdoor community. If you’re looking for ways to give back to the community and the outdoors we always have volunteer opportunities, from events to work days to joining a committee to help with events, social media, fundraising and more. We look forward to seeing folks at our next event - Hill of Truth Festival on October 4-6 featuring the 12 Hours of the Hill of Truth mountain bike race on October 5 and the HOT Trot trail running race on October 6. Please reach out to CVTA at or Lisa Mueller at 865.406.3870 with any questions or to get involved.

Link to race photos on course

Link to podium photos


Enduro-curious - stages 1-3


Intermediate - Male

3. Casey Troncoso - 6.36.99

2. Ethan Boudreaux - 6.26.16

1. Billy Butler - 6.21.29


Intermediate - Female

3. Evelyn Reed - 7.34.49

2. Jorja Clark - 7.32.20

1. Shauna Whited-Zink - 7.19.99


Beginner - Male

3. Henry Harvey - 8.33.33

2. Josh Campbell - 8.00.44

1. John Justice - 7.54.78



1. Scott Barnes - 8.05.07


Enduro-licious - stages 1-6


U16 - Youth - Male

3. Chance Smith - 19.59.90

2. Axel Raker - 16.27.01

1. Colton Burkhart - 13.58.10


EMTB - Male

3. Joey Dembek - 13.35.27

2. Levi McDaniel - 13.19.11

1. Andrew Ingram - 13.16.33


Open - Female

2. Jennifer Ward - 20.37.21

1. Elizabeth Miller - 14.49.88


Open - Male

3. Michael Kierce - 14.11

2. Bruce Martin - 13.58

1. Roth Smith - 13.04.02


Pro - Male

3. Grant Martin - 12.12.32

2. Stephen Hermann - 12.11.34

1. Ted Fremyer - 11.54.64

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