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2021 - 2025

The Clinch Valley Trail Alliance's goals for the Haw Ridge project include creating greater access to the park for all trail users, improving the existing trails for long -term sustainability, and making some new trails to improve the user experience. We are working with Sean Leader, owner of Southern Gravity Parks, Windrock Bike Park and a CVTA Board advisor. Sean grew up riding Haw Ridge and has a passion for both keeping it raw and ensuring sustainable trails that can welcome new users by foot and bike. Clinch Valley Trail Alliance entirely funded Phase One, and through funding from potential partners and the wide community of Haw Ridge users, is looking to execute on Phase Two and Three when funding is available. CVTA is proud to "Keep Haw Raw" while welcoming new users to experience the joy of East Tennessee's oldest dedicated mountain bike park.

Please direct any questions, concerns or comments on the Haw Ridge Project to


Completed February 2022

Funded 100% by Clinch Valley Trail Alliance @ $12,400

Phase One of the Haw Ridge Project addressed three separate areas of the park.

  • Lake Road resurfacing improved the trail through active drainage management, reversing the grade in several locations, and improving the flow at trail junctions. The trail formerly held a lot of water, but with these improvements, should be more capable of sustainably draining and performing for years to come.

  • Soccer Trail Bypass (Nutmeg) is a new 950 foot long trail to provide a beginner friendly, sustainable entry to the existing Soccer trail. This trail can be accessed at the new entryway across the greenway from the Dirt Lab and is part of the Green Route.

  • Washing Machine, a downhill trail that features steep descents, bermed turns, jumps and a rock garden, was entirely resurfaced to improve the jump line, manage drainage, and improve the ride quality and sustainability of the trail. CVTA plans to move the washing machine the trail is named for to a more visible location and add a hand-built climb line so that riders can session the Lower Washing Machine section. 




Pending funding of ~$31,000

Scope: Perimeter and Middle Road resurfacing

Total ~25,000 feet/~4 ton excavation

Phase Two will involve resurfacing what the locals refer to as the "Perimeter Loop" to address drainage issues and sustainability of some of the most widely used trails. Middle Road runs through the middle of the park, is heavily traveled by all users and is in need of significant drainage work and sustainability improvements.




Pending funding of ~$72,060

Scope: Beginner-friendly trail and advanced jump line

Total ~8,000 feet/~7 ton excavation

Phase Three will create two new trails that will be easily accessed from the Dirt Lab. The Dirt Lab has become the most popular trailhead for all trail users given its easy access to both the greenway and trail system. Sean has a proposed advanced jump line, as well as a beginner-friendly trail that would connect Mike's Trail to Ridge Trail.

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