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The name of the association is CLINCH VALLEY TRAILS ALLIANCE (herein the “Association”).  The Association is formed as an unincorporated entity under the laws of the State of Tennessee in accordance with Tennessee Code Annotated (“TCA”) §48-11-201 (47) as a non-profit association.  The date of formation shall be as of the date of adoption set forth in the certification of the President and Secretary at the end of these Bylaws.  The Association further intends to operate as a chartered chapter of the International Mountain Bike Association (“IMBA”) and under IMBA’s status as a §501(c)(3) organization of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986, as amended (“Code”).  These Bylaws shall regulate the affairs of the Association, subject to the laws of the State of Tennessee.

For a copy of the CVTA Bylaws and Board Resolution please click the links below:


January 2019

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