The CVTA is proud to have the support of local corporate and non-profit entities that have committed to partner with us as we seek to improve the health, environment and economy of our region by the development and preservation of sustainable, multi-use trails.


We would like to thank our local Oak Ridge Tennessee partners for their financial, service and goods support.  Additionally, we encourage all members to support these local partners and sponsors.


UCOR URS | CH2M Oak Ridge LLC is the Department of Energy Oak Ridge Office's cleanup contractor for the Oak Ridge Reservation. UCOR is primarily tasked with cleaning up East Tennessee Technology Park but also performs cleanup at other reservations.

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We are excited to partner with Yee-Haw Brewing Company not only because their beer is amazing but more importantly because like the CVTA, Yee-Haw is committed to growing our outdoor recreation resources and building the community around those resources.  Please show your support by choosing Yee-Haw the next time you walk down the beer isle at your local market.

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